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Pump Jack Bearing Grease (14 oz) - Box of 5

Pump Jack Bearing Grease (14 oz) - Box of 5

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Box of 5 - 14oz Cartridge - Significant reduction in bearing failure.

ALCO-EP-73 Plus

Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Grease
A premium, state-of-the-art, multipurpose aluminum complex grease containing a highly synergistic blend of rust and oxidation inhibitors plus extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for maximum performance characteristics. The non-plating, organic EP/anti-wear additives allow ALCO-EP-73 PLUS™ to be used where tolerances are low and/or speeds are high. ALCO-EP-73 PLUS also contains polymer additives; further enhancing the inherent water resistance of an aluminum-complex-based grease. It is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion and ideally suited for use in high-moisture areas, including subsea applications.

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